Mark Russell — Art Director, Front End Developer, and Animator

Corporate Video 2019


Christie’s International Real Estate needed to update their corporate video to better align with the growing brand. I took the creative direction that was established in our agent recruitment campaign and created a similar look and feel for the corporate video. We see the introduction of the art world, specifically the auction of a rare Claude Monet painting at the world famous Christie’s Auction House. The visuals of Christie’s current global president Jussi Pylkkänen juxtaposed against the trademark pose of founder James Christie show the forward progress of the company while remaining true to their founder’s roots. The video moves into the estates and properties that make up some of Christie’s International Real Estate’s 14,000 active listings. We see the blending of the two world and by establishing that connection between the art world and the real estate world, the viewer can see the value in a global real estate brand owned by the world’s largest auction house.

ForChristie’s International Real Estate RoleCreative lead, video editor and animator
DateJune 2019