Mark Russell — Art Director, Front End Developer, and Animator

Foot Locker, Inc. Online Annual Report 2013

Online Annual Report

HTML5 online annual report utilizing CSS3 animations and transitions, SVG animations, Modernizr, and jQuery. Preliminary design created for Foot Locker, Inc. Print design by Michael DeVoursney.

ForFoot Locker, Inc. RoleLead developer and UI designer

Utilizes SVG animations with javascript and CSS3 transitions.

“Our Companies”-
Interactive interface allows users to view facts about the various companies owned by Foot Locker, inc.

“Our Values”-
Clicking titles extends accordion slider to show information about Foot Locker.

“Building on Our Strengths”-
Introduction of the operating review

“Building on Our Strengths”-
Shows the SVG animation of a Foot Locker product.

“2014 Financial Highlights”-
Hovering images provides facts about various clothing and shoes featured in Foot Locker and related company’s stores.

“Strengths”- Theme page, features SVG animation revealing key facts about the past fiscal year.